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At Pendrith Capital, we operate upon the core values of transparency, synergy, and trustworthiness. As a lower to middle market  financial advisory firm, we put you and your visions first. We are always determined to help every client find the best capital options available.

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Pendrith Capital Finance Applications

Commercial Project Funding

Loan Type: Acquisition, Refinance, Development, Construction, Bridge, Mezzanine and Land.
Loan Amount: 1 million - 210 million (USD) to 1  Million - 250 million (CA)
Property Type: All Commercial property Types.​

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Credit Lending

Loan Type: Equipment Financing and or Leasing, Receivables, Hard Assets including Commodities.
Loan Amount: 1 million - 30 million (USD) to 1  Million - 20 million (CA)
Description: All assets types must have a proven and verifiable value. Loan amount is based on a case by base scenario. This is determined by market, borrower strength, and asset sale or value risk. ​

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Unsecured Loans

Loan Type: Unsecured debt as determined using business cash flow analysis and credit determination.
Loan Amount: $ 100,000 - $ 3,000,000 (USD)
Analysis prepective: 3 months of current bank statements and over $ 15,000 / month in revenue. An exit strategy that projects stabilization and or growth.