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At Pendrith Capital, we operate upon the core values of transparency, synergy, and trustworthiness. As a lower to middle market  financial advisory firm, we put you and your visions first. We are always determined to help every client find the best capital options available.

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Current lending programs and rates.

We have the rate right for you.

We work with lenders and investment banks across the world. Our work starts with your property and ends with your funding. 

Commercial Financing Type 
Conventional Lending5.82% - 10.47%
Investment Grade Banking 5.82% - 10.47%
SBA 7A5.95% - 10.97%
SBA 5046.5% - 6.9%
USDA6.45% - 11.47%
Insurance & Pension5.33% - 7.86%
CMBS Capital5.83% - 7.46%
Bridge Loans6.45% - 14.47%
Construction Finance9.95% - 14.97%
Mezzanine7.18% - 9.84%
Commercial Asset Type 
Office Building 5.33% - 14.97%
Retail Center5.33% - 14.97%
Industrial Complex5.33% - 14.97%
Hospital & Medical Clinic 5.32% - 11.47%
Self-Storage 5.82% - 14.97%
Hospitality5.33% - 14.47%
Mixed-Use5.33% - 14.97%
Church5.33% - 14.97%
Multi-family Apartment5.82% - 10.47%

** Rates are a range from historic data and live market feeds as an aggregate. Rates are updated as the market moves. 

Does your asset service debt within the given ranges?

Pendrith Capital Solutions

We offer different types of lending programs. These options are determined by your project timeline, and value or class of the asset.

Investment Grade - Conventional Lending

Mortgages offered by a bank, credit union, savings institution, or other traditional financial institution and secured by a first lien position on the real estate being financed are referred to as conventional commercial loans. Any sort of commercial real estate may be used as collateral, and prior expertise is not necessarily necessary. Generally speaking, these loans are best suited for first-time borrowers, modest loan sums, specialty properties, or any other structure that would call for a personal guarantee.

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Conduit CMBS

A first-position investment grade loan on a commercial property serves as security for a CMBS loan, sometimes referred to as a conduit loan. Conduit lenders, commercial banks, investment banks, or bank syndicates package and market these loans.

It is useful to explain how the CMBS market works. Essentially, a commercial mortgage lender loans money to a commercial borrower to enable them to purchase commercial property. The lender then secures the loan against the property and pays an upfront fee to a specialist mortgage-backed security underwriter who agrees to repackage the loan into a CMBS. The CMBS is then sold by the underwriter to a range of institutional investors, who then receive monthly interest payments from the commercial borrower. Because the CMBS is a debt security, it gives the lender a high level of protection against the risk of default on the loan.

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Insurance & Pension Lending

A loan offered by a life insurance company or group of life insurance companies and secured by a first lien position on the subject property being financed is known as an insurance commercial real estate loan. Insurance and Pensions favor apartments, offices, retail, and industrial buildings. These property types make up a high percentage of the life insurance firms portfolio. It is common that they may finance other property types (such as hospitality properties or mixed-use complexes) on an individual basis. Rates and Terms are generally very favorable with these types of finance options.

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Apartment Lending

Traditional apartments, age-restricted communities or senior housing, student housing, affordable housing (Section 8, Section 202, public housing, or other government-sponsored programs), military housing, cooperatives, and manufactured housing / mobile home parks are just a few examples of multifamily properties. In addition to CMBS/Conduit, Conventional, and Insurance loan products, stabilized apartment buildings may qualify for agency programs from Fannie Mae (FNMA), Freddie Mac (FHLMC), HUD/FHA, and USDA. To develop, reposition, or stabilize multifamily properties, bridge and/or construction mortgages are furthermore available on a case-by-case basis.

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Development / Construction & Specialty Loans

Real estate development / Construction loans are capital advances given to borrowers that want money to start a project, complete it, and keep it in servicing until it is ready for lease. Investors often rely on real estate development finance to either acquire undeveloped property on which to later build or to demolish an existing structure and then construct a new one. Some times debt requires Mezzanine capital to get you across the finish line. Or do you have another asset that you can wrap debt around. Thinking outside the box and being creative can be what it takes to go vertical and or secure your commercial property. Let us help you structure commercial debt properly.

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Equipment Finance

The secret to success is making sure that your company has the tools it needs to operate correctly and effectively. We at Pendrith Capital are aware that buying all the equipment your company needs for operations might be costly. This is especially true if your firm is just getting off the ground and you don't yet have enough revenue to cover these expenses. Our equipment loans can also be useful in this situation. You won't have to stress about how to pay for the equipment you require thanks to our equipment loans.

So, you might ask? Why should you choosePendrith for your equipment financing solutions? We are a straight-forward and uncomplicated firm with  a reasonable turn around. Usually within 7 to 30 business days, your equipment financing funds are ready.

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Equity Partnership

Equity finance is a method of raising funds by selling shares in a company to investors. The shares give the investor a stake in the company, and the investor is then entitled to a share of the company's profits.

At Pendrith Capital we source equity for partners for the purchase, refinancing, renovation, and building of all asset types, including undeveloped property.

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International Lending

At Pendrith Captial we support global expansion. We can help your company acquire capital or equity from different parts of the world.  We can assist you in getting the finance you need whether your business needs financing for imports or exports or has plans to grow internationally. Finance global expansion through supply chain financing, government-guaranteed loans, and the acquisition of overseas accounts receivable. We can assist you in choosing the best strategy for your global organization by analyzing your banking requirements in the U.S. and abroad.