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Finance Rates

Treasury Securities, Libor and Prime

Treasury securities

Commercial finance investors and lenders will use bench mark of the United State Treasury as a secure interest for specific lending standards. The Treasury yields as an indicator for commercial lending practices. Treasury securities are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Treasury.

Treasury Data Last Cash-out refinancing guideCurrent WeekLast MonthLast Year
Ten-Year Treasury Constant Maturity4.3404.6103.570
182-day T-bill auction avg disc rate5.1655.1604.890
One-Year MTA5.1535.1143.977
Two-Year Treasury Constant Maturity4.7304.8604.120
Five-Year Treasury Constant Maturity4.3504.6303.580
91-day T-bill auction avg disc rate5.2505.2555.060
One-Year CMT (Monthly)5.1404.9904.680
One-Year Treasury Constant Maturity5.1305.1404.920
U.S. Treasury(%)
5-Year US Treasury Note4.015%
7-Year US Treasury Note3.870%
10-Year US Treasury Note3.485%
United States Treasury SWAPSWAP (%)
1-Year US Treasury 0.000%
2-Year US Treasury 0.000%
3-Year US Treasury 0.000%
5-Year US Treasury 5.654%
7-Year US Treasury5.109%
10-Year US Treasury4.684%
30-Year US Treasury 4.226%

* Treasury indexes are of interest to investors and borrowers alike, especially those who have commercial mortgages or business loans.  Indexes are based of data from the Federal Reserve and the United States Treasury.

Commercial real estate is leveraged by risk. When risk is more apparent, investing entities favor a higher return of compensation. To offset this risk  in lending treasury yields on many bonds and money market instruments are priced at a spread. Treasuries are always backed in full faith by the US government are considered a risk free investment vehicle.

Libor Commerical Rates

The London Inter-bank Offered Rate is among the most common of commercial real-estate benchmark interest rate indexes. The LIBOR index is common for writing instituted investment banks mortgages.

Libor Lending RatesWeek AverageLast MonthLast Year
30 Day LIBOR Rate
90 Day LIBOR Rate
180 Day LIBOR Rate
1 Year LIBOR Rate
Call Money
Bond Buyer's 20 bond index7.257.257
FNMA 30 Year Commercial Mortgage 60 days6.526.826.05

*  Libor Rates are aggregated  with open market data. Data shown does constitute your lending rate. Feeds can be subject delay, use for quick reference. 

Key Commercial Finance Rates

Prime rate is the most common index. Prime is the widest used benchmark for equity lines of credit, business loans, credit financing and consumer based retail property financing. Prime rate is influenced directly by the federal funds rate, which is set by the Federal Reserve.

The SBA 504 Loan program is a powerful economic development loan program that offers small businesses another avenue for business financing. The intention of the 504 program is to promote business growth, and job creation. 

Key Commercial Lending Data RatesCurrent WeekLast MonthLast Year
WSJ Prime Rate5.55.55.25
Federal Discount Rate5.55.55.25
WSJ Prime Rate8.58.58.25
11th District Cost of Funds

*  Indexes are based of data from open markets and updated daily. Feeds can be subject delay, use for quick reference. 

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