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At Pendrith Capital, we operate upon the core values of transparency, synergy, and trustworthiness. As a lower to middle market  financial advisory firm, we put you and your visions first. We are always determined to help every client find the best capital options available.

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Life Insurance Finance

Pendrith Capital Insurance & Portfolio Commercial Underwriting


Insurance Companies as well as pension plans provide Alico Financial the opportunity to offer their commercial property investors some of the best non-recourse loan platforms available . Insurance portfolio loans have many advantages over other commercial financing options , however, their underwriting criteria is far more stringent with lower LTV’s as well as Debt Service requirements . In addition they generally do not lend in tertiary markets and prefer a sponsor with a solid commercial resume.

Insurance Loan TermsFixed RateLoan to ValueAmortization
5 years6.45% - 12.53%80% - InvestmentI/O
7 years6.95% - 13.03%80% - InvestmentI/O
10 years7.45% - 13.53%80% - InvestmentI/O
20 years7.95% - 14.53%80% - InvestmentI/O
30 years7.95% - 14.47%80% - InvestmentI/O