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At Pendrith Capital, we operate upon the core values of transparency, synergy, and trustworthiness. As a lower to middle market  financial advisory firm, we put you and your visions first. We are always determined to help every client find the best capital options available.

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Multifamily / Apartment Lending

Multifamily properties have a variety of mortgage options that can be very favorable to the borrower. These apartment loans can depend on multiple variables that determine the rate and terms. Financing can be designed for first-time investors or borrowers with extensive multifamily history. Our Alico underwriting department will assist you in preparing the best-suited loan product for your current property or acquisition.

Loan TypeTerm OptionsAverage RateLoan to ValueAmortization
Conventional Multifamily Financing3 - 15 Years9.979% - 10.5%85% - OO / 75% - Investment15 - 30 Year
CMBS Multifamily Financing5 - 10 Years5.88% - 7.49%75% - Investment30 Year
Agency Multifamily Financing5 - 30 Years0% - 5.33%80% - Investment30 Year
USDA Multifamily Financing5 - 30 Years6.5% - 11.35%80% - OO / Investment30 Year
Insurance Multifamily Financing5 - 30 Years5.38% - 7.89%70% - Investment30 Year
Bridge Multifamily Loan6 - 36 Months6.49% - 14.5%80% - InvestmentI/O
Construction Multifamily Loan6 - 36 Months9.99% - 15%75% - InvestmentI/O
Mezzanine Multifamily Loan5 - 10 Years7.23% - 9.87%75% - Investment30 Year

Freddie Mac Apartment Commercial Rates

Bridge loans are designed to provide re-stabilization capital for renovation and or stabilization. These are generally short term loans designed to carry the property and or business to a viable exit strategy.

TermFixed RateMaximum Loan to ValueAmortization
35 Years5.36% - 6.62%83.3% - Investment35 Years
40 Years5.51% - 6.72%80% - Construction40 Years

FHA Multifamily Lending

Multifamily properties are also eligible for FHA loans. The Department of Housing and Urban Development of the Federal Housing Authority has federally insured the multifamily product, which is a large-balance, non-recourse mortgage product (HUD). For seasoned investors with large-scale structures and larger loan amounts, it is a very attractive alternative. For this program, you must have significant multifamily expertise or prior HUD ownership/management experience. It might be applied to new construction or existing buildings.


USDA Apartment Lending

A USDA multifamily loan is normally issued by a financial institution and subsequently insured by the US Department of Agriculture, however it can also be made directly in specific situations. It is aimed towards people with low incomes, the elderly, and those with disabilities. Multifamily dwelling may be purchased or built using this product in qualifying rural regions with a population of 50,000 or fewer.

TermFloating RateFixed RateLoan to ValueAmortization
5 years5.49% - 7.49%Contact us 80%30 years
7 years5.46% - 7.46%Contact us 80%30 years
10 years5.38% - 7.38%Contact us 80%30 years

FNMA Standard Multifamily Rates - DUS Program

TermFixed RateAdjustable RateLoan to ValueAmortization
5 Years5.05% - 5.29%80%30 Years
7 Years5.09% - 5.33%80%30 Years
10 Years5.00% - 5.24%80%30 Years